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With over 60 years of global expertise, we are committed to empowering food market players with internationally recognized, easy-to-use, fast, and accurate testing solutions, improving quality, efficiency, and profitability.

Whether you are a farmer, food manufacturer, laboratory manager or quality control professional, we have the right solutions to meet your specific needs. Our reliable instruments are trusted by industry professionals worldwide for analyzing the quality of grain, feed, dairy, and processed food, covering moisture, protein, fat, Falling Number, ingredient performance, amino acids, and more.

We provide expert guidance and ongoing technical support whenever you need it, ensuring that your experience with our instruments and services is seamless and hassle-free.

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Explore our Portfolio of Instruments for Food Quality Testing
Perten Falling Number

Perten Falling Number

Measures alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damaged grain, allowing users to optimize grain products for their intended use.

Whole Grain Analyzers

Whole Grain Analyzers

Offer rapid and accurate results for moisture, protein, oil, test weight/hectoliter weight, and temperature in grains, oilseeds, pulses, and more.

Process NIR Analyzers

Process NIR Analyzers

Provide continuous, real-time multicomponent quality monitoring, allowing users to increase efficiency and reduce scrap while improving product consistency and quality.

FTIR Milk and Beverage Analyzers

Milk & Beverage Analyzers

Deliver swift and precise analysis of essential quality components in various liquid food and beverage products such as wine, milk, creams, whey, concentrates, yogurt mixes, and more.

Benchtop NIR Analyzers

Benchtop NIR Analyzers

Our lab/at-line tools test agriculture and food samples for moisture, protein, fat, ash, amino acid, and fatty acid profiles – with little or no sample preparation – in less than 10 seconds.

Rapid Visco Analyzer

Rapid Visco Analyser

Versatile tool for product development, quality, and process control, optimized for testing the viscous properties of starch, grain, dairy, and more.


Flour and Dough Testing

The doughLab is a flexible and robust rheometer that can measure flour water absorption, dough development time, stability, softening, and mixing tolerance index.
Perten Glutomatic System

Glutomatic System

Trust the world standard for measuring gluten index, gluten quantity and quality to identify and blend the right wheats, flours, and vital wheat gluten for the finished products.

Lab Mills

Laboratory Mills

Proper sample preparation is crucial for accurate analysis. We offer the hammer and the disc type laboratory mills to meet various sample preparation requirements.

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